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Doodlebabys Noni

WALA00069913 / ALAEU-15205

Small medium / 17 inches to the withers



Wavy fleece

Golden hour Noni smiling_edited.jpg

About Noni

Where to even begin with Noni? Aka: NoniNoo, Mammasita and Golden Girl


A beautiful small medium apricot multigenerational Australian Labradoodle that we affectionately refer to as our golden girl, we have to be honest and let you know that Noni is the total opposite of grace and poise. She gives it her best shot bless her, and this clumsy girl will trip over her own feet straight into your heart. She is such a calm, relaxed dog with incredibly soulful eyes. She enjoys just being in your presence, but as soon as we utter the words ‘Do you want a cuddle?’, you best believe that she’ll be jostling to the front of the queue for head scratches and tummy tickles. 

Noni is wise beyond her years, and very much enjoys a quiet life. She will regularly be found on her favourite armchair snoozing the morning away, but absolutely loves getting out and about and discovering new walks with the family. She has shown a real penchant for agility, and we love getting out to the field with her to practice. She is ready to learn and always up for a challenge. 

A little ditsy, this goofball loves to love, and we expect Noni to produce her first litter mid to late 2023.


Please get in touch for more details.

Noni smile golden girl.jpeg
Noni undert tyre.jpeg

Health Testing

BVA Eye Test

Hip and Elbow Testing

Genetic Testing 

Noni passed her BVA eye test with perfect colours. Like with Dinka, her gentle demeanour and ability to go with the flow captured the hearts of the vet and her staff who performed the exam!

ANKC hip score of 2:2 - a total score of 4

OFA Conversion: Excellent

Elbows clear

After her hips and elbows have been scored, we will then be testing Noni for a range of genetic conditions to identify her status. Results of these will be added to this page as soon as they have been returned to us. 

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