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Puppy Adoption

Thank you for your interest in adopting a Lily Hill Australian Labradoodle. The waiting list for 2023 is now open! 


​The puppy price is currently set at £2500, regardless of colour or gender. It is requested that all prospective families be open to colour and gender of puppies - having a preference is absolutely fine and will be taken into account, but if either of these things are non negotiable, I am not the right breeder for you. My focus is to support new owners in choosing a puppy that is most likely to be suited to their home environment and lifestyle, to set both the humans and puppy up for success.

* Please note: All pet puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter contractual condition. This is non negotiable, and is a stipulation of membership to WALA. 

Adoption Process

Waiting List Screening

If you are interested in adopting a Lily Hill Australian Labradoodle, the first step is to get in contact with me so that we can arrange a call. I will want to build an understanding of the type of home you are able to offer one of my puppies, your lifestyle, and understand how you see an one of our Australian Labradoodle's fitting into your life. I also welcome any questions you may have for me (the more the better!). Getting to know potential new members of the Lily Hill family through genuine interaction over the phone/ via Zoom is much more preferable as both parties are able to get a feel for the other and can work out if I am the right breeder for you (however, if accessibility is a concern, I am more than happy to communicate via email). It is also important that you are comfortable with me before putting down any deposit. 

Getting on the Waiting List

If, following our initial conversation,I am happy with the home you are able to offer a puppy, you will be offered a place on the waitlist. In order to join, a non-refundable holding fee of £500 is required to secure your spot. A non-refundable holding fee policy is operated in order to confirm your commitment, and my promise of a puppy to you. This also helps in relation to litter planning.

When Puppies are Born

Once puppies have been born, you will be sent an update and photos of the litter and ask that you respond within 48 hours to confirm you are still able to welcome a puppy into your home at that time. Once this confirmation has been received a further £500 is requested. Over the next few weeks, you will receive regular 'pupdates' in the form of photos, videos and diary style entries of how they are getting on, alongside information that will help prepare you to bring your new family member home. You will have the opportunity to visit and meet the puppies when they are 6 weeks of age (this visit will be arranged for the closest weekend). During this visit, more in depth discussions on the assessment of each puppy can be had, and you will be supported in identifying which puppies appear to have characters and temperaments that may be best suited to your home environment and lifestyle (please do note, however, that this can never be an exact science and how they are socialised upon returning home with you will also play a part in the development of their temperament). After this visit you will be asked to send a list of your top 3 puppies in order of preference, and I will work with you to match you with your forever friend. 

'Gotcha!' Day and Beyond

A week before the puppies' 'Gotcha!' day all new pup owners are required to send the final payment of of £1500. When you arrive to collect your puppy, I will ensure that you feel as ready and prepared as you can be to take your pup home, and will take as much time as needed to go through whatever questions you may have in relation to the puppy's first few days at home that have not already been answered previously. Optional weekly check ins over the first month after bringing your puppy home can be arranged, (and will always be on hand to answer questions and queries as and when they arise outside of this) and I would love to be sent updates as and when you are able to! As an ethical breeder committed to supporting you for the entirety of your dogs life, I will only ever be a phone call or text message away. 

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