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The Lily Hill Story

Lily Hill Australian Labradoodles is based in a sleepy village in Berkshire, close to Surrey, Hampshire and London. My journey started in 2021 after years of research and planning, when I was finally able to bring home my two gorgeous multigenerational Australian Labradoodles Noni and Dinka.

A small home breeder of authentic, registered Australian Labradoodles in the UK. Passionate about the careful development and preservation of this wonderful breed.

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The Lily Hill Vision


To provide to you a trusted, loved and valuable family member by producing well balanced, healthy, happy and loyal four legged friends that embody all of the best qualities of the Australian Labradoodle breed. A strong focus on developing puppies who will be known for their relaxed yet playful temperament, and for potential use in therapy capacities too. 


To support puppy owners from the moment they choose to adopt a puppy from Lily Hill, forever. I will always be on hand to answer any questions, provide advice, celebrate the good times and share in the sad. 


To make a positive contribution to the continued success of the Australian Labradoodle breed through collaboration with established breeders worldwide; engaging in continuous education and staying up to date with the latest research; holding ourselves to the high standards outlined by the WALA.

Puppy Culture Socialisation

Committed to giving puppies the very best start in life, and utilise the Puppy Culture method to set each puppy and their new family up for success as a puppy’s first 8 weeks of life is incredibly influential in their development. Initially, early neurological stimulation is utilised, as this improves the growth and development of the pup's immune and cardiovascular systems, and stress tolerance in a nominal, mild and controlled way.


From around 4 weeks of age, further stimuli are slowly introduced to engage all of their senses. When they are ready, they will also be introduced to the rest of the dogs in the home, cats, children, and we will play dress up to get them used to strange and interesting looking outfits! The Puppy Culture method guides puppies to become calm enrichment seekers, ready to take on the challenges life may throw their way.


The programme is followed up until 8 weeks of age, at which point the reins are passed on to you.

Community and Connection

When you take your Lily Hill Australian Labradoodle puppy home with you, you will have a lifetime of support and will never be left to navigate raising your dog alone. I will be there for you as much or as little as you need, checking in with you especially in the early stages, and always happy to hear from you with updates moving forward. You will also become a member of the Lily Hill family for life, with access to a private Facebook group for owners and guardians, with regular invites to pack walks and fun days out. 

Commitment to the dog for life

If you ever find yourself in a position where you are no longer able to care for your Lily Hill Australian Labradoodle, a non-negotiable element of your puppy contract is that you must inform me. I will do everything I can to support you in finding a suitable new home for the dog, utilising my network to identify a suitable alternative placement. 

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