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In matching you with a dog to complement, not complicate your life

Australian Labradoodle Breeder


You will be supported from our very first contact where I will answer your questions and provide advice before delivering your trusted, loved and valuable new four legged family member. Committed to giving my puppies the very best start in life, when you take your puppy home with you it will be with a lifetime of support. You will never be left to navigate raising your dog alone.



And Purpose

I began Lily Hill with a clear purpose; to produce beautifully natured, wonderful examples of Australian Labradoodles to support the development of the breed, and produce behaviourally sound dogs that have been bred to be specifically inclined for pet home and companionship purposes.


My passion for excellence has led to me importing my breeding dogs from Europe and Canada to ensure top quality and variety in my bloodlines. 


Bred from the outset for therapy and service work, the Australian Labradoodle makes for a fantastic family companion. In this day and age, dogs previously bred for working purposes too often find themselves living in homes with lifestyles totally unsuitable to what they were originally bred for. 

As a loving, goofy and sociable companion with low prey drive, medium energy levels and strong human focus, the Australian Labradoodle will fill your home with love and laughter being totally suited to the modern family and lifestyles of today. 

Don't Complicate

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