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in matching you with a dog to complement, not complicate your life

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Dedicated and Small Scale


Always searching for the most up to date research, while striving to meet the highest of standards. Lily Hill is a fully accredited member of WALA. I enjoy the wonderful support of my mentor, Claire Desrochers of Van Isle Labradoodles in Canada, a founding member of WALA who has had a love affair with Australian Labradoodles for nearly two decades. 

Complement, not Complicate

Dogs should complement, not complicate, your life. When welcoming a dog into your home, I understand the importance of ensuring the right dog goes home with the right family at the right time, and will work tirelessly to support you in matching with the perfect puppy for you.

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Passion and Purpose 

Lily Hill began with a clear purpose; to produce beautifully natured, wonderful examples of Australian Labradoodles in order to support the development of the breed. Our passion for excellence has led to us searching on a global scale for the right dogs for our programme. We have imported dogs from Europe and Canada to ensure top quality and variety in our pedigree.

Let's Talk

Interested in learning more? Email me at

I am more than happy to organise a time for a chat so you are able to learn more about myself, my dogs and how I ensure only the highest standards throughout my programme.


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