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Guardian Homes

The Guardian Home Scheme



In order to succeed as exceptional and ethical breeders of the Australian Labradoodle, and to properly develop the breed, it requires us to have a number of dogs in our breeding program in order to ensure the highest quality of genetic diversity to continue our lines. We feel that the Guardian Home Program is the best way to accomplish this. Guardians are very unique, as you will work in partnership with us to provide our breeding dogs a wonderful life as much loved family members while they participate in our breeding program. This is our way of ensuring that our breeding dogs live with their families in forever homes and are still  able to contribute to the future development of the breed under our watchful eye.

Once the dogs have completed their breeding careers, they will be neutered/spayed at our expense and full ownership is then transferred to you.

What is a Guardian Family?


As a Guardian, you essentially partner with the Lily Hill Australian Labradoodle family for a contractually agreed period of time.  For females, this entails producing three litters, or them turning 6 years of age (whichever comes first!).  For a male, we will usually want to use them as studs a period of four years. Puppies who are part of this programme will have been hand selected in order to diversify genetics within the programme, and because they possess the best qualities of the breed as outlined in the WALA breed standard; not only for type, conformation, pedigree and movement, but also for temperament, soundness and coat quality. A puppy placed into a Guardian Family is that family’s puppy for life! 

Please visit our FAQ page for more information on Guardianship

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