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Van Isle's A Little Birdie Told Me at Lily Hill WALA00080945


About Birdie

Birdie joined us last year after travelling all the way from Canada with her playmate Margot! She is the most gorgeous thing, with a beautiful sable coat (can you believe that genetically, she is black?!) and even more gorgeous personality. Birdie lives with the most fantastic guardian family who have written a few words about her:

Birdie AKA: Boo boo’s, flopsy bopsy, pickle or picks


Since coming into our lives in October, Birdie has filled our home with love, laughter and happiness. The home is most definitely hers and she loves her home comforts, with a bed in every room and a blankets to snuggle she really knows how to enjoy her “chill time”. This loveable lady is so very sociable, she adores people and dogs alike, often thinking they are there on “her” walk especially to greet her. Her favourite place at home is by your side and has learnt the “settle” cue brilliantly – she also adores coming into the office and we are working on her being an office companion.


She is a princess and is so perfectly, beautifully behaved, whether we are at the beach, the park, the shops or even in the pub, she is comfortable around noises and different situations of all kinds. She is a quiet little lady and will only speak if she really is not getting “her way” and then it is only directed to her “humans”. She does not bark at dogs, cats, children but can be a little shy when she first meets anyone new, however, she is easily won over with treats – she wins everyone over with her beautiful face and her “to die for” lashes. She loves being told how gorgeous she is and her coat is so wonderfully soft. She loves feet – socks in particular and offers a great foot wash service.

A beautiful and goofy friend – we adore her and her wonderful demeanour, we would not be without her.

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