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Dinka in Sun.jpeg

Doodlebabys Dinka

WALA00069921 / ALAEU-15126


17 inches



Wavy fleece

About Dinka

Dinka: also known as Dinky Winks, Winky Dinks, Pinky Dinky... you get the picture!


Every time this dog bounds over to me when I enter the room my heart could burst. Dinka is such a gorgeous girl, with a whole lot of character and charm to match. She has such expressive eyes, and if you're struggling to see them just before a groom, is able to tell you exactly how she's feeling through a very distinct range of groans, whines and humphs! She loves nothing more than to play and learn new tricks, and has such an engaged mind- it's become a struggle finding enrichment activities that she doesn't work out in less than 10 minutes! 

Dinka is such a cuddle bug, and very in tune with our emotions- always coming over and just being present/ giving lots of sniffs and licks whenever she senses moods being a little off balance. Dinka's gentle nature is clear to see for everyone who meets her, and she enjoys nothing more than making new friends (especially if they have a treat in their pocket!). While this little rocket has boundless energy and a zest for life, she is also very capable of taking things slow and steady and being a wonderful reading or work companion; she is more than content just napping by our feet, or quietly getting through a chew when our focus cannot be solely focussed on her. 

Dinka's Health Testing

BVA Eye Test

Hip and Elbow Testing 

Genetic Testing

Completed. The vet conducting the exam was so impressed with how well behaved she was- if they had stickers for dogs, she would've been sent home with a bunch!

ANKC 2:3 - total score of 5

OFA Conversion: Good

Elbows clear

Clear from DM, EIC, HNK, PRA-cd4, PRA, Retinal Dysplasia, VWD

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