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Planned Litters

Please see below the litters I have planned for 2024. All timings are subject to change, and not every pairing may result in a litter. 


Birdie and Freddie - The Birds and the Bee's

Large miniature to small medium (15" - 17")

Various colours, phantom and sable markings 

 This will be Birdie's first litter, and will produce highly unusual and gorgeous colourings not commonly found in the UK. Freddie from my lovely friend Claire over at Darling Doodles, was the lucky stud muffin who captured Birdie's heart. He is a real sweetheart who loves to love, and has a real zest for life. I know that this wonderful boys personality will complement Birdie's loving, intelligent, goofy and kind nature beautifully. 

Honeymooning Spring 2024

Ready for homes Summer 2024


Additional places have opened up for this litter! Apply now here

Stud for website.jfif

Noni and Bertie - The Charcuterie Crew

Miniature to small medium (15" - 17")

Apricots, Reds, Caramel and Cream 

This will be Noni's second litter and I'm expecting another beautifully tempered, lovely looking set of puppies. With her gentle and calm demeanour balanced out with her goofiness and playful spirit, and Bertie's zest for life and willingness to please, I'm incredibly excited to meet the puppies these two will make! 

Honeymooning Autumn 2024

Ready for homes Winter 2024/2025


3 Spots Available

Dinka and Bear

Medium (17" - 19")

Apricots, creams and reds 

I loved this litter so much the first time around that I have decided to repeat this pairing for 2024. A gorgeous litter with big personalities and boundless love to share with their forever homes. 

Honeymooning Autumn/ Winter 2024

Ready for homes Winter 2024/ Early 2025


Places now open for this litter - apply now

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