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Van Isle's Erubescent Sunrise at Lily Hill WALA00080935


Coat Type

Curly Fleece

About Margot

Margot fell into the Lily Hill fold in October of 2022 after travelling alongside Birdie all the way from Canada. This girl is as sweet as can be, with the most incredible temperament and comes from well established therapy lines. She lives with her guardian family five minutes away from us, and this is what they have to say about her;


Margot – affectionately known as Marge, Margie or Margery-Dor

With a wonderfully calm temperament, Margot loves her people to bits and is never happier than when she has a human to cuddle up to.  She likes to share the love and will do the rounds of all the human laps available to make sure no one feels left out!  And she loves securing ‘her’ corner spot on the sofa and will jealously covert it if anyone should dare sit there!


Margot is happy to snooze whilst her people are working at home, but is always ready for play and thinks every time we go outside that it's playtime for her and will always enthusiastically grab a ball or a toy to play with. Beware anyone who leaves their socks out in the open – Margot is a sock thief who will grab them from you to encourage you to play with her to get them back.


On walks she loves to explore new places and new smells and investigate new potential playmates, but still remembers her school-time when called - in return for a treat.  And she always seems to have excess energy available after a walk - her ‘post-walk zoomies’ are hilarious and something to behold.

Margot has brought new level of joy & laughter to the house, and we love her dearly.

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