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the breed

In the 1980's, Wally Conron of the Guide Dog Association of Australia started a research and breeding program with the goal of making an allergy and asthma friendly guide dog. The first intentional Labradoodle was born from a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a standard Poodle. Over time, breeders infused four other types of dogs into the gene pool to create a more consistent, low to non shedding coat and a calmer temperament, resulting in the Australian Labradoodle (ALD) we know and love today!


The development of ALD's has been been a story of responsible and ethical breeding, ensuring over the generations that only the Australian Labradoodles with the best traits (personality, temperament, and coats), and likeness to the breed standard, would be used to continue this amazing breed of multigenerational Australian Labradoodles.




and size

One of the hallmarks of the ALD is its low to non shedding coat, with 98% of allergy and asthma sufferers report having no issues with them. The three coat types are:

• Wool: Does not shed and is the most allergy friendly
• Fleece: Minimal to non-shedding and very allergy friendly (this is the most common, and the coat type all Lily Hill ALD's have)
• Hair: Light-shedding and less allergy friendly with a coarser texture

In terms of their appearance, the ALD should move with agility and grace when active, wrapped up in a compact frame with medium boning. Full of exuberance and a zest for life, they become relaxed and quiet when handled. 

ALD's have three recognised sizes - miniature, medium and standard. Lily Hill puppies will grow to miniature and medium sizes.


Australian Labradoodle's are known for their eagerness to please, and wonderfully characterful personalities. Their goofy antics provide much hilarity for any and all who come across them, and for sure consider themselves honorary humans! As happy, loyal, calm, and non-aggressive dogs, these labradoodles are considered a great all rounder and the perfect fit for family homes. They are drawn to children, love to play with them and are exceptionally tolerant. You could turn an Australian Labradoodle inside out and they wouldn’t even bat an eyelid!

Genuine, well bred Australian Labradoodle's are  well-balanced, well-rounded, and (as I like to describe them!) a little Jeckyl and Hyde in their natures - having a tendency to be calmer indoors, yet playful and energetic when given the opportunity to go out in the garden or for a walk outdoors. Primarily due to their intuitive nature, this still requires their owners to ensure they are reinforcing this behaviour through well structured training, and will also be influenced by the lifestyle they are raised in.

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